Tax Planning and Preparation

One of the best ways to reduce your tax burden is to know how to minimize your tax liability throughout the year. Allman and Associates will work with you throughout the tax year to find ways to this while there is still time to properly plan and act.  Failure to adequately plan for taxes can lead to big surprises and potentially cause penalties if too little tax has been withheld throughout the year. This is one reason why year-round communication is one of our core values.

Whether it is a personal tax return or your company is a C Corporation (IRS Form 1120), S Corporation (1120S), Partnership (1065), LLC (1040 or 1065), Employee Benefit Plan (5500), Nonprofit (990), or a Sole Proprietor (1040), we can provide you with a professionally prepared tax return from a Certified Public Accountant.  We also look for deductions and credits that may have been missed in previous years and also adequately plan for the year ahead.

Contact us to see up an appointment on how we can assist you with your tax planning and preparation.