Part-Time CFO/Controller Services

If your business is not large enough to have a full-time CFO, but if large enough to need a CFO review, you may need our Part-Time CFO service. This service allows you a more cost-effective solution to hiring a CFO on your own. Allman and Associates can provide CFO services on an as needed basis for your business. The following are some of the CFO services that we can provide to you:

  • Preparation of monthly financial statements and analysis
  • Review of journal entries prepared by staff
  • Expense review and analysis
  • Review or preparation of bookkeeping functions
  • Presentations to management and board of directors
  • Review of bank reconciliations
  • Implementation of accounting policies and procedures
  • Review of the corporate internal control structure
  • Staff review and training
  • Preparation of budgets and projections
  • Lease vs. buy analysis
  • Review and analysis of insurance services
  • Tax planning and prepartion
  • Preparation of federal, state, and local tax services
  • Cash flow management and projections